post-master course

OF PUBLIC INTEREST is a one-year interdisciplinary postmaster course that operates as a platform for learning, for new collaborations and as a hub for professionals from the fields of art and architecture.

The course focus on practice-based thinking/making as a means to explore and expand the potential for and importance of artistic involvement when shaping our common spaces and developing our future environments.

The ideal participants are those with strong artistic integrity, abilities in critical thinking, and an interest in working with others to develop projects in an interdisciplinary setting with peer to peer learning.

OF PUBLIC INTEREST is structured with the aim of having participants, individually and collaboratively, create and develop new projects. To facilitate this, the course have established collaborations with external partners within the fields of art and architecture who are interested in exploring the possibility of realizing actual projects.

The course is led by artist Jonas Dahlberg, visiting professor at the Royal Institute of Art and Jasmine Hinks, lecturer at the Royal Institute of Art, with contributions by guests, among them: Assemble, Cooking Sections, Goldin + Senneby, Jumana Manna, Marjetica Potrc, Mary Ellen Caroll, Juan Canela, Ken Lum and Monument Lab, Unscene Architecture (Manijeh Vergese & Maddie Kessler), Alfredo Jaar, Runo Lagomarsino, Lea Porsager, Eva Gonsalez Sancho, Katie Paterson, Theodor Ringborg and Kieran Long.

Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm