On the afternoon of July 22, 2011, a powerful car bomb exploded at the government headquarters in central Oslo, Norway. The bomb killed eight people and injured more than 30 others. The terrorist who carried out the bombing then traveled from central Oslo to the island of Utøya, in the municipality of Hole, where the youth association of the Norwegian Labor Party held a summer camp with approximately 560 attendees. There, he killed 69 people and injured 66, most of them under the age of 20. His actions were politically motivated and his goal was to prevent the development of the next generation of social democratic leadership in Norway.

In 2014, OF PUBLIC INTEREST founding director artist Jonas Dahlberg was selected to create the national memorials to honor the victims of the terror attack in Oslo and Utøya on July 22, 2011.

In the film 'Notes on a Memorial' Jonas takes us through the process, debate and politics around the project, resulting in the cancellation of the planned memorials.